Thursday, August 14, 2008

Disjointed Learning

I discovered that I can be taught despite my almost magical inability to concentrate for more than about five minutes before the eyes go vacant and the mind has left the building. Today was fun computer training day. Databases this morning with Administrative Genius and this afternoon will be photo editing with Visual Arts Mom. Yesterday was food safety class day. (I am generally pleased to report that food coming out of the home kitchen is safe according to current standards, but that my hair needs to be restrained. The kids so need to take this class. I was pleasantly surprised not to be eye-rolling, yawningly bored. Bonus.) Anywho...
I am content in my technical illiteracy. It works for me, and it gives my spouse the opportunity to rescue his charming damsel-in-distress (as evidenced by mild expletives and stomping from my cubby office) from the bad, old computer that does not always anticipate what a user really means. That said, I am highly entertained by the opportunity to learn how to make the mean machines do stuff besides inspire my blue streak. Nifty. We'll see if any of it sticks.
All this training is in preparation to be able to give a hand with two industrious areas at our church. The creative, brilliant artsy peeps need an admin. I am not their admin, but I am pleased to be able to help out with data entry--- and thrilled to be learning about the unused programs that litter my desktop because I don't really know what they are for... although I loved working with some old photos of Miss Katie today as I learned how to do things like make a color picture black and white and color in one little bit. The food stuff is where my heart lies. Food is probably my art medium as well as my (Look, it's the "dork" button! If I push it...) love language. Mmmhmmm.


Patience_Crabstick said...

A food safety class. Sounds interesting. I'm glad home cooking is officially approved. :)

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Someday this will all be useful knowledge, right? But yes, the sitting still and soaking it in makes me pity my children in school ALL DAY 5 days a week for 9 months of the year.