Monday, August 18, 2008

Left and the Highway

I'm in search of a ride for a friend of a friend. The local seminary starts up again this week entirely without any awareness on my part before last night during the Men's Gymnastics. An e-mail came across that I totally failed to see until almost late o'clock, but that lateness did not stop me from dialing the sender's Sister to interrupt her Olympic experience. Between the three of us (and all the other people we know), we will sort out the transportation needs of one student.
For those joining us late in the game, there are some issues with me driving anyone anywhere outside of Pleasant Suburb that Sister finds rather amusing. Sister and I have previously been part of a gang of grown women cruising around in a blue minivan making left turns and u-turns while howling with laughter... inspired by my teensy little issue with making left turns without clear right-of-way. Thank God for dear friends who will help me laugh at my many and assorted idiosyncracies that are just that--- weird tendencies (not fears or phobias by any stretch of the imagination). When I explained that I was her help in getting a former room mate (who has no car, and will be staying with Sister who has to be at work) to the seminary on Tuesday and Wednesday in Big City just south of our Pleasant Suburb, she cracked up. Sister's pretty sure the seminary is at least one left turn away... and likely requires highway driving.

Did I mention that I get a wee bit jumpy on highways and will take some rather interesting and circuitous routes to avoid them whenever possible in my day-to-day driving? Blue minivan's driver once drove all the way to Big City downtown with her five home-schooled daughters in tow because of a doctor's appointment to which I could not possibly drive myself knowing there was construction on the highway which made for narrow lanes. Another time, Sister and I shot across a busy street into a parking lot after she informed me that her bank would be a left turn out of her neighborhood. We had to turn around in the parking lot and make a right onto the street while wiping away our tears as we laughed at my failed attempt at turning left. That same day we drove along back roads so I could avoid the highway even though we were already running behind, and I was probably driving under the speed limit because it was not posted. (Your granny would leave me in the dust. Speed will be a tale for another day.)
Soooo. I am seeking out other seminary students who might be a source of transport not hampered by left turns and highways. It's really better that way. I will happily drive Student to Big City if that is the need, but I suspect there is likely to be another person headed to the same place who can provide a less harrowing ride for her than what she might experience with me.

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shelley said...

awwww, now i feel bad that i'm stressing you out! has anyone come forward that will be going to DTS? if it helps, let them know it's for a a girl who's been a missionary in Poland for 6 years and is coming back off the field to get more training under her belt before heading back out. :)