Monday, August 18, 2008

It Could Be Me

What should my slightly bored, wandering eye spy in the headlines but this horrifying headline regarding a 16 year-old who has dropped out of high school to play Guitar Hero full-time at I don't even bother with a "What's wrong with the parents?!", but immediately proceed to a serious sinking feeling coupled with the quintessential "Uh-oh." I follow that with a vow to keep the boy off the internet, and hit the knees to pray that this is not my own parental future.
Thankfully, the blogger who shares this terrifying tidbit of not-quite-news does proceed to delve into the living that won't be made playing video games professionally as well as the pitfalls of upgrades and new games at which one might not necessarily excell bringing a precarious career to an abrupt end. Seriously, my kid could not pick out the instances of gratuitous alliteration in this post, but he can play fast and frenzied "Free Bird" (Or is it "Freebird"?! I just don't know my Skynyrd.) on "Guitar Hero" as well as a host of other electronic feats unlikely to provide him with the luxuries of food, clothing, shelter, running water, and medical care. I repeat, "Uh-oh."


Lori said...

I'm not as grossly appalled at the idea of dropping out of school (the parents will be basically homeschooling him per the article) to pursue a dream, but what happened to playing a REAL guitar????? Arrrrghhh! It's a FAKE guitar people! You realize, my husband cannot play the game at all since he knows all the songs for REAL and tries to really play them - to the chorus of beeps and boops on the game telling him he is playing it incorrectly.
Sad days.

Fannie Mae said...

While raising girls has it's downside we did escape x-box, rock band, guitar hero, etc. I am, however, intrigued by Wii. We may enter the 21st century after all!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

I've heard it's addicting to play guitar hero, but I had NO idea!!!

I wonder what's up with those parents? Would one condone letting a girl drop out to be on the Webkinz website full time?