Saturday, August 23, 2008


Our lovies should definitely be feeling good about saving these days! To encourage them to add to their savings accounts, we offered to match any savings. 100% growth immediately seemed like a good offer, but it was met with lukewarm enthusiasm. Last week each child made a deposit. Evan put in $5, and he was gratified to watch Mom fork over another $5. Katie opted for a $4 deposit which increased her fortune by a total of $8. The youngest of our herd o' kiddies also has the smallest savings balance because her account was not opened until several years after her older siblings' accounts. She is attempting to bridge wht she percieves as a gross inequity by depositing $15. (This surprisingly large deposit required me to cash a check because Miss Thing only takes cash to the amusement of our very patient teller. I knew it was smart not to attempt the drive-through!) The matching amount made for a dramatic $30 deposit. That's big money for a seven-year-old who is still doing well to remember which coins are worth what amount.
Last night I fired up my inbox to find a message for the kids. Grandma (who is the other adult listed on the darlings' accounts) had seen their deposits (or heard about them from Granddad). Their grandparents wanted to encourage the kids to save. So they matched the deposits shown on the kids' accounts. The children were all very pleased by the immediate 300% growth in their savings deposits!

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