Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Argh. Our master bathroom shower has been out of commission for two years. This morning a gentleman was in to offer a bid on the master bathroom shower and tub surround, the tile in our children's bathroom (which is definitely beginning to look a little worse for the wear), and finally on counters and a back splash for the kitchen.
At the moment, we can either do the bathrooms or the kitchen, but not both. And the kitchen is in the center of our house. Our house with an open floor plan. Did I mention that the current counter tops are peach formica? They were likely stunning in 1988 when our home was a southwestern style model home, but they are most definitely not Mrs. Holly's Happy Place. There is a long-standing disgust with the necessity to decorate the entire house around those counters. Because any color that is not in the peach-rose family makes them look salmon. *sigh*
Anybody in the market for a slightly dated, cookie-cutter suburban home with a lovely open floor plan? Buyer is free to decide whether they get a functional master bath shower or newly remodeled kitchen.


Kathy said...

Told you we're living parallel lives. I'm going to run the same ad--- just need to change Southwestern to Northwestern and then it's off to the presses.

Fannie said...

For me it's my kitchen or stoopid kids going to stoopid college. Grumble,grumble,grumble.