Thursday, April 23, 2009

Bad Girls

Huh. The Challenge to weigh down is at a great time around here. It covers the spread from Spring Break (convenience foods that kids like) across two kids' birthdays, our 15th Anniversary, Easter, Mother's Day, and even an unlooked for post-Memorial Service gathering. In our household, food is part of our celebrations in a big way. It plays a key role in how we tend to comfort ourselves and others. And that makes this particular eight weeks fit for the title of Challenge.
It is working. The, ahem, overhangs have slimmed enough to fit nicely into my jeans instead of bulging over the sides. T-shirts that fit closely fail to showcase the unsightly side humps more fitting for the back of a camel than the back end of this Mama. Except. There are certain issues that are more apparent as the eye watches for signs of weight loss. Issues common to women who have born children, had significant weight gain and loss, and/or simply reached a certain age. The Girls have gone south. Waaaaay south. Who knew a B cup could kiss one's belly button hello?! *sigh*
I think bra shopping is third on my list of shopping trip yucks. It comes in narrowly behind swimsuits and jeans. The beauty of it all? There will be no swimsuit shopping this year at least. Last year's will fit just fine. Because last year's suits had minor alterations to address the issues with the Girls that were already apparent in a bathing suit a year ago, but have only now surfaced in street clothes.


Leanne said...

Ahhh. I'm jealous. I need to put losing some weight on my list of things to do. I do. I'll let you know how THAT goes. Sigh.

Laura said...

My sister and I joke that after children (and before her mastectomy and reconstruction) we were both a size 'AA long'...


Kathy said...

I hear ya!
Recently, I was speculating aloud on how many parts of this body have done just that: gone southerly--- my teenage daughter's reply was, "Mom, embrace it."
And embrace it, I have. I've probably got every undergarment contraption you can think of to counteract the southerly's... and the swimsuit? Lycra so thick, it might as well be iron or steel. Not easy getting those bad girls to behave.