Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Nearly... as in close, but no dice. Almost, but not quite. I nearly had to make an Indian costume. The daughter who was making demands was beginning to regret them as I began to describe a Disneyfied, glitter-coated costume. (I don't know or care about Sacajawea's unlikely access to the sparkly stuff while traipsing about with Lewis and Clark. Glitter would've improved my attitude about the unwelcome project.) Hee. Then Little Missy's ballet teacher came to her rescue with a Facebook post offering a Tiger Lily costume. Ah, the irony of being off the hook thanks to "Peter Pan".
Despite the humor found in the costume scenario, "nearly" is sometimes quite enough. During the last ten minutes of my first-thing-in-the-morning walk with the mister, my friend tried calling both the home and cell phones. While I nearly missed her predawn calls, she answered mine with the news that her husband was in a car accident. She had few details that were not alarming, but knew they needed prayer. She headed to the hospital to join her husband while prayer requests went out.
Her Mister was released just over an hour later from the hospital with only minor injuries. The car was a total loss. It turned out that three cars were involved in the incident caused by a driver running a red light, but no one was greatly injured. The damage to the couple's vehicle and the lack thereof to the husband certainly reminds us why we pray!


Fannie said...

That's scary - glad no one was seriously hurt!

Kathy said...

With all the possible nearly's, I never stop marveling how by the Grace of God we can make it from day to day in one piece.