Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Eesh. The bad bathroom remains a bane. While the shower was out of commission for two years, we still used every other aspect of the bathroom. Not so much in the past week or so. The blinds are off the windows, and everyone across the creek with nothing better to do than spy on us at our ablutions can see right into our restroom. While it remains unlikely that the sight of my mister or I in our jammies drooling toothpaste into the sink is likely to draw all eyes, there is a distinct lack of privacy especially in hours when it is dark outside causing the well lit interior of our home to shine like a beacon.
The tile contractor failed to appear Monday morning as expected. It seemed likely that the guys would be unable to work with the rain, but yesterday was not so wet and they still stayed away. I phoned in the afternoon only to discover that somewhere along the way, there was a failure to understand that we needed to call the tile guys back after the plumber installed the new fixtures. (That happened Saturday, but the tile guys were not omniscient.)Hopefully, the tile contractor will be back today so the tile can be attached to the shower and tub surround instead of sitting around in piles. Because the glass guy won't be able to measure for the shower glass or the frosted glass for the windows until the tile is installed. And the frosted glass is the key to privacy.
Our youngest daughter informed us when she was about three that the dog was looking at her when she changed into her swimsuit. She was highly offended because the critter in question was a boy dog. In her exact words, "He looks at me, and he is thinking "Ooh-La-La!" when he sees me naked!" It is possible. Buster (if he thinks at all) is likely a monosyllabic sort of thinker. It's unlikely that our neighbors are any more interested in our bathroom activities than the dog was in Erin's changing clothes, but there is a similarity between her concerns and those of the mister and I in regard to the possibility of unintentionally giving someone an eyeful.


Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Ooh-la-la! Your daughter is SO funny!
Good luck with your renovations--I hope this is the worst of it for you.

I laughed at your last post--I always refer to myself as a "delicate flower" and D knows it's crap.

Kathy said...

The nerve of that 'boy'!--- that's totally hilarious.

We stayed in a cabin (sans window coverings) in the middle of nowhere last winter and I had to use an extra bedsheet tucked behind the bedroom window frame to keep from feeling like there might be 'a watcher in the woods.'
Wish I could be less paranoid. ;)

Beth said...

Glad none of you have become exhibitionists.