Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Yesterday was the day most likely to blow the weigh-down challenge, and it would have been disappointing now that I am within seven pounds of the final goal. The desire for cheesecake grew strong. The nice people at Philly were certainly willing to help me out by providing a whole tub of ready-to-eat cheesecake filling in my grocer's dairy aisle. The aisle between the Good Girl sugar-free 60 calorie pudding cups and the registers. Uh-oh. It's not helpful when one's skinny substitute is located in close proximity to the ultimate no-no. I wanted to run to the market for a six-pack of sweet, creamy goodness, but it was increasingly likely that I would heed the siren song of the Philly Tub o' Calories.
My friend Lisa and her husband John were dropping by with coupons for middle daughters' ice skating party and to deliver Sacagawea's "baby" (more on that tomorrow). I asked if they would save me from myself. They kindly agreed to prevent dietary disaster by swinging into our local megamart to bring me my choice of cinnamon rice pudding or dark chocolate pudding cups. Whew. They arrived, with the new addition to Sacagawea's costume, coupons for the ice rink, pudding (!), and a lovely bunch of tulips. No wonder I am always glad to see them turn up on the doorstep!


Kathy said...

The best friends are the ones that are able to save us from ourselves!

I love rice pudding--- add a mug of Earl Grey, gingersnap wafer, a few slices of fruit and you'll have yourself a rightly tea party!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Glad you had a distraction! Cheesecake is a powerful force.