Friday, April 3, 2009


The coffee pot is making a bad sound. A sound suspiciously similar to a kid with an empty cup and a straw. Uh-oh. Or not. Turns out the disturbing sound is none other than the second pot of the morning brewing. This lack of recognition on my part is clearly indicative of who brews the morning java around here. And the need for a second pot is equally indicative of the sort of week we are having as well. Thankful is the Mama who wakes to hot, freshly ground coffee before having to confront the almighty to-do list.
Today is a busier-than-usual Friday between a tile guy coming to repair a busted hall bathroom shower surround, and preparations for tomorrow's activities. Middle Child is leaving for a weekend trip to Houston with a friend's family to take in "Les Miserables" tomorrow night and the Space Center on Sunday. The rest of the family will be well occupied with our church's assorted activities to care for our community. Church groups will be fanning out to pursue projects and assist people all over the city in a huge variety of ways. The mister and I with the eldest and youngest offspring in tow will be walking to place "I am second. " door hangers on our neighbors' homes first thing in the morning. Don will also be playing bass at an Easter Egg hunt downtown sponsored by our church's Worship & Arts department in the afternoon. I will be shuttling the mister to the egg hunt location, the boy to a birthday party, and then keeping our charming youngest daughter occupied until our guys are ready to be picked up. Tomorrow is likely a second pot sort of day, too.

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Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

You DO need that second pot of coffee! Thanks for the link--I've never heard of I am Second. very interesting.