Wednesday, April 1, 2009

You're Kidding

Last April, I started asking the people at Evil Empire Insurance (EEI) to please fix a wee glitch in their claims tracking system. The uh-oh was failing to actually add up the dollars our family was paying out for my health care. There were an awful lot of those dollars going out, but none going into the tally that would eventually trigger the stop loss after enough thousands fled from our pocket into the outstretched palms of assorted in-network providers. Today, we finally heard that our claims have been resolved, and the providers are being paid by EEI. This means we can expect to see some of those free-flowing dollars make a u-turn and fly home to Mama.
Unless the representative from EEI was just having her April Fool's Day ha-ha at my expense. I do hope that this time I will have the last laugh. Today has otherwise been far from amusing with an infusion and both daughters home with Pestilence and Lice: Round II. While I refrain from looking up for fear it will rain up my nose, there is a tremendous sense of relief in finally resolving the insurance uh-oh and having all the linens freshly laundered.

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Kathy said...

EEI, give the lady her money already!!!