Friday, April 10, 2009


My in-laws drove in today to visit. They came bearing an assortment of gifts for the children. The gift that garnered the most initial excitement was a trio of kites. The children immediately put together the butterfly, ladybug, and jet plane kites and headed down to the park on the corner.
We've had incredibly windy days for the past week or two around here. The wind died down almost as soon as the children reached the open grassy area with their grandparents and Mama in tow. (It figures.) Still, there were just enough little gusts to help get the bits of fabric stretched over the frames to lift off and occasionally catch a breeze that would lift them overhead as twine was hurriedly rolled out to allow greater heights to be reached. The teen grew bored and wandered down by the pond to throw
but the girls and their adult counterparts were entertained right
up until dinner time.


Fannie said...

What great gifts! So much better than candy and junk!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

I gave my kids kites the last couple years for Easter--they still have the last ones (better quality) and are such fun!

Kathy said...

Oh what fun! I agree with Fannie--- and isn't it nice when there are no batteries or chargers involved either. ;)

dabshire4 said...

The best part was watching Holly run and giggle while dragging a kite behind her...