Monday, April 20, 2009

Tired Mama

It's not even fully light out yet, but I'm facing the bottom of the coffee pot already. Since the lovies no longer feel the urge to go to sleep at bedtime, it seemed reasonable to bump back wake-up times. If one is inclined to stay up two hours after bedtime, then surely one will be delighted to be awakened an hour early. Oh, yes, quite reasonable.
In addition to the difficulty getting Certain People to go to sleep despite Mama's need for rest, those same Certain People have been leaving the house looking suspiciously like a designated disaster area because they are in a rush to get out the door on weekdays. Guess what the extra time is for?
The added hour of wakefulness should allow for all sorts of good things to happen. One more load of laundry can run and be put away in the bedroom that is restored to order before all the little darlings set out for school. The toothpaste scum in the sink? Washed away--- and by the very people who left it there! There are certainly other benefits to be had, but the general idea is likely clear without further examples.
Not everyone is entirely pleased with today's alternative wake-up time. Or the first-thing-in-the-morning opportunities to get a little jump on the daily chores. And it has hardly solved the Tired Mama situation. Of course, once the darlings are all off to school there will be an opportunity for Mama to take a little nap at some point. And that sounds like a singularly pleasant idea. Perhaps a tad more coffee is in order.


Kathy said...

H. you are an absolute genius. Genius, genius, genius!

Beth said...

Enjoy your nap, the late nights could go on for days. Teen hormones sometimes times allow them to go many days with little or no sleep accompanied by corresponding grumpiness.