Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Middle Child has returned from her trip to see Les Miserables proclaiming the show her very favorite ever. I don't see any reason to point out to her that it is the only professional theatrical production she has ever seen. Plenty of people who have seen other shows claim that one, and one of these days she will likely have another opportunity to expand her experience further. In the meantime, I'm just impressed that she who (prior to last weekend) had limited her musical tastes to the likes of HSM and Radio Disney is beginning to branch out a bit. Between the music introduced in her band classes at school, her parents' sometimes exotic musical tastes, and the varieties of music played at church there is hope for her to develop her own preferences beyond those of the general middle school population.

Update: Bowling Ball Head has progressed to a full-blown bacterial infection. So we add the extended course of antibiotics which will clear up the infection, but will disagree with one's delicate digestive flora and fauna. Hello, yogurt and probiotics! Flunked labs resulted in the wee hope of a lab error, but a referral from one specialist to another. Bad body. Behave already!


Kathy said...

So cool that Middle Child loved Les Mis.
We've also been HSM fans--- like forever. Do you think HSM has helped with regard to the age group's interest in musicals and broadening musical tastes? That's what I keep telling myself. ;)

Go away Bowling Ball! Feel better, soon.

Beth said...

Since you have seen more than one, which would you proclaim to be your favorite? I have actually paid $$ to see Les Mis three times and totally enjoyed it (tears and all) every time. Cats would probably be my all time fav though.

Dot O said...

Sorry about the infection - that just rots.

My kids high school will be putting on Les Mis this coming fall and both are hoping to make pit orchestra for it!

I've seen it once before when this same high school performed it back when my kids were small. I was a bit lost but I think I understand the story now.

Feel better!

Fannie said...

Shhh...Les Mis is The Saint's favorite too!